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Pros are in the hospital:

1. We found a wonderful reception at the train station with our hospital facilities

2.  Strict commitment to the dates of going shopping

3.  Dr. Peng’s continuous follow-up to our sick condition and his visit to check on us and talk with us

4.  Deliver medication at specified times without delay, as well as attend physiotherapist at the specified time

5.  Beautiful trips coordinated with Dr. Ming which give joy and pleasure to patients

6.  There is a very special thanks to the active employee. Miss Fiona for her keen intents and meeting all their daily needs, also she provide some recreational time for patients

Ali and Younis from Kuwait

Room No. 401

10 August 2017

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I have been coming to the Red Cross International Hospital which is in Zhongfang Hunan Province every year since 2000 for two or three months.

At first for treatment and after seeing much positive results, not only for me, but for other patients, I decided to study traditional Chinese Medicine. I like TCM and would recommend it.

During these years I have communicated with quite a few ALS patients from America, Sweden, Germany, Georgia and the Philippines. These patients tell me of the results of their treatment.

I am finding the results have become more and more positive. Now there is not a patient I speak to that doesn’t tell me of positive progression or ceasing of degenerative state or actual improvement from a degenerative state.

I hope TCM can be brought to the attention of the world as the leaders in the prevention of progression of ALS. I believe it is now leading the way to finding a cure.

Timothy A. Samway


21st July 2017

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It has been an honor to study at the TCM Red Cross Hospital. During the 5 weeks of study, I met and talked with a patient from Georgia who has ALS.

She told me that her ALS was diagnosed a year ago (about July 2016), however she has had the symptoms of “trembling finger, muscle twitching and loss of voice” for 2 years. She believes that her’s is a genetic condition, as her father’s family have several relatives with the same symptoms. She found that there is no successful western medical treatment for her type of sclerosis.

After only 3 weeks of receiving the hospital treatment of Acupuncture, Herbal tea and Massage, her condition has improved. She tells me that she can now “walk better, faster and for a long time,” that there is movement in the finger of her left hand where there was no movement before and that her speech is “a little better” with a “louder voice”.

Asked about any difference to her mental and emotional state, she replied “I feel now positive, have a chance to stop it (the ALS) and we have hope.” She plans to stay another 2 months for the treatment schedule.

The hospital specializes in the treatment of ALS under Dr. Ming and a number of other patients with similar symptoms to the patient from Georgia, have been treated successfully here.

I find it incredibly sad that this TCM treatment is not more widely known.

With so many suffers of this type of motor neuron disease, I can only hope that Dr. Ming ‘s treatment is better recognized worldwide and that many others can improve their condition and have the chance to extend their lives under his care.

Isabella Osborne

London, UK.  

20 July 2017

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My name is Nina, 30 years old, from Georgia, diagnosed ALS one year ago. But everything started a bit earlier, in 2015, when I suddenly mentioned my left thumb and eyelid began twitching. This initial symptoms made me shocked as my ALS is genetic and it destroyed 7 members of my family, starting from my grandma, including my father, his sister and brother and all of their children. They all died before the age 38. I was always afraid of ALS, especially when my elder sister also got diagnosed in 2009. So, it was very obvious, why my muscles began jumping. I got very afraid and confused. I knew there was no cure, so I even didn’t want to visit any doctor. They could not help me... Finally I was officially diagnosed in Turkey in last summer. That time all my muscles were jumping, speech was nasal, left hand paralysis and difficulty of swallowing. Visiting several doctors I was only suggested Rilutek and stem cells. I never heard Rilutek helped anyone. I tried stem cells. After two surgeries I stopped it, as I did not find any results, no improvement, no slowly progress, no good signals, only waste of several thousands of dollars. This was my latest hope died so soon. After this moment I started to search online any natural treatment that could help me, as western medicine suggested nothing more.

Thanks god, suddenly by chance I found information about TCM clinic in Hunan, Zhongfang City. The website of this clinic had very good and detailed analyze of ALS patterns and letter from Dr. Ming, that made me very interested in this treatment. It was absolutely different from the western approach of ALS. Dr. Ming’s group answered all my questions online and I traveled in China in June. Doctors met me very friendly and professionally and asked lots of questions to collect information and plan strategy of the treatment.

Now it’s 3 weeks of treatment in Zhongfang hospital and I already feel some improvements in myself. First of all, my feelings are positive again, after so many failures and stressful days I feel positive and hopeful again. Now I encourage myself to go on fighting against ALS and don’t stop positive thinking. What made me feel so hopeful? It is improvement I found in TCM very soon. I mean my fingers began moving, I can open and close them now. Herbal tea and acupuncture increased my hand power, I walk longer, have less cough.

Dr. Ming and his group visit me everyday and observe my condition carefully. I think its only way now that worth trying. I advice ALS patients not to get depressed. There are several cases, where western medicine is useless and natural treatments, cheaper and without side effects promise better results. Here, in Zhongfang, doctors do their best to learn each patient individually and suggest best strategy of TCM treatment.

I will continue my treatment next months too and hope we can win ALS.

Thanks to Dr. Ming who is really motivated to help his patients and give them a new hope. I could not believe when I see my fingers moving again. That’s amazing!!!


Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital

19 July, 2017

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