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More Service Introduction for Our International Patients





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(5) If you are not able to come to China right now, you could also seek our excellent treatment by choosing one of the four methods below. We will do our best to help you.

A: Modern prepared herbal products. Influenced by modern western medicine, many prepared herbal products are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies through modern techniques. So, these products have fixed formulas. Each product has to pass the strict national degree test and has been proven to be both clinically effective and safe, tested by thousands of people before being manufactured. It means that, if a group of patients have the same or similar health problem, they could take the same product. The advantage is convenient usage and easy to understand descriptions, so that you can be your own doctor and select the products for yourself. This method is suitable for commonly encountered and relatively simplistic health problems, such as diabetes, gastritis, rhinitis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, overweight, loss of hair, etc. We are listing the most popular and well-known herbal products in China for various chronic diseases with detailed and easily understandable instructions. This would be a very good choice for you.
Start to order sample products for yourself now from our herbal exporter. 


B: Herbal tea decoction. Our TCM doctors will check into detail about the individual conditions of a patient. Based upon the syndrome identification and treatment determination, such as yin, yang, heat, cold, exterior, interior, deficiency, excess, etc., a corresponding and different herbal formula made of various kinds of herbs will be given. The patient then decocts this formula to drink. The decocting process is as follows. Cook one dosage per day. Every dosage needs to be decocted 2 times. The concrete steps are that first, put the herbs in a jar or a mug with about 500ml water. Soak the herbs for 30 minutes. Heat the water to the boiling point with strong fire, then make the fire to be mild and decoct (i.e., simmer) the herbs for about 30 minutes. When the herbs are boiling, please stir the herbs and water with a stick or a scoop so that to upturn the powders in the bottom. This is very important. When the decoction is lukewarm, please filter the decoction with the gauze. In this way, about 200ml pure decoction will be got. Please take it in the morning. All of these can begin at 8:00am. About 4-6 hours later, please repeat the above procedure in the afternoon to get another 200ml in the afternoon. But in this time, it is unnecessary to soak the herbs, and only need to decoct 25 minutes after heating the water to the boiling point. Please take it as soon as possible when it is lukewarm. The left herbs can be thrown away after the second decoction. During the period of using medicine, please take care of the following things. Have more nutritious foods; have a due consideration to good rest; take less pungent or greasy foods; relax the mind. If you feel the tea is too much bitter, you could put a little bit sugar or honey into the tea. Video for how to cook Chinese herbal medicine, i.e., herbal tea on youtube or on youku Practiced for thousands of years in China, this method is quite traditional and could be used as a test to reveal the professional ability of a doctor. This method is known as Chinese Medicine Art and is very suitable for the treatment of unusual and chronic diseases that many doctors may have failed to help you with. You are welcome to seek an accurate formula like this from us by offering us your detailed health information. We could air ship the herbs to you, and commonly we often make the herbs into fine powder and it is more convenient for our international shipping. In this way, when you try to decoct the powders, please wrap each dosage of the powders with a piece of gauze so that you could make good herbal tea; the other process is the same as above. Twenty days supply makes a treatment course. The general cost for twenty days supply is US$360.00. We will air ship your package. Thank you.

C: Herbal granule. The herbal granule is dissoluble and concentrated made through modern technology. Each dosage is composed of different sachets of granule. Please cut every sachet and put the granule into a cup. Put a little hot water into the cup and stir the herbal granule. For adult, after that please put another 250ml boiling water into the cup and stir it with spoon. You will get some liquid, drink it when it is cool or still warm. Please drink half of the liquid in the morning and another half of that in the afternoon. The general cost for twenty days supply is US$360.00.


D: Honey herb candy. Sometimes, some people do not have enough time to decoct the herbal mixture which is mentioned above. So doctors help to make the herbal mixture into fine powders and the specific honey herb candies are made manually. In this way, the herbal formula is easy to take. Twenty days supply makes a treatment course. Twenty days supply will be about 200 pills. Each pill is about 5 grams. The adult dosage is 3 to 4 pills each time, three times a day. We will air ship package to you. The general cost for twenty days will be US$360.00. Thanks.



(6) All our advice is free-of-charge to our international clients. We welcome international inquiries for professional information and advice by filling out
Patient Form, or by e-mail , letters, fax (86 745 2813349), telephone (86 745 2813387).

If you need our medical help, you need to take three pictures of your tougue and one picture of your hand back under the outdoor natural light(white wall as the background is the best, you can check a sample here ), please send them to us by email.

We wish you a quick recovery!

The red part is Hunan province in China, while Huaihua city is located at the west part of this province. Huaihua city is also known as "Treasure House Of Herbs Of China." Zhongfang is a newly built ecological city attached to Huaihua city. An enlarged map about our city Huaihua could also be found in this page.

Some ideas about how Chinese TCM doctors treat commonly encountered diseases for your reference:


Rhinitis and nasal polyp(The effect is good, we treat it by plaster )

Abnormal Menstruation

Alopecia Areata

Anal Fissure

Aplastic Anemia

Arterial Hypertension

Arteriosclerosis Obliterans of Limbs

Bell's Facial Paralysis

Bronchial Asthma


Cerebral Thrombosis


Chronic Lumbar Muscle Strain

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Gastritis

Chronic Nephritis

Chronic Pharyngitis

Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media  

Coronary Heart Disease   

Diabetes Mellitus

Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)






Habitual Abortion






Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands


Hyperplasia of Prostate  



Infection of Biliary Tract and Gall Stone


Meniere's Disease

Nephrotic Syndrome



Peptic Ulcer


Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc




Raynaud's Disease

Rheumatic Arthritis  

Rheumatic Fever



Seminal Emission  

Senile Cataract


Sudden Deafness

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SlE)

Thrombocytopenic purpura

Thrombotic Phlebitis

Urinary Calculus  

Urinary Infection


Viral Hepatitis




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