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A-01Herbal Products for Common Cold and Summer-Heat (click for details)

A18: Dragon-Tiger Brand Heat-Cooling Pill  new

A17: Minor Bupleurum Granule  new

A16: Common Cold Cough-Suppressing Granule  new

A15: Common Cold Heat-Clearing Granule new

A14: Anti-Flu Toxin-Resolving Granule new

A13: Forsythia Granule  new

A12: Influenza Pill   

A11: Inflammation-Reducing King Tablet    

A10: Agastache Summer-Heat Clearing Soft Capsule  

A09: Andrographis Lactones Dripping Pill   

A08  Honeysuckle Forsythia Toxin-Resolving Tablet  

A07  Agastache Right-Oi Capsule 

A06  Mulberry Ginger Common Cold Tablet   

A03  Wang Lao Ji Cool Tea Granule 

A02  Common Cold Tablet  

A01  Agastache Right-Qi Pill  


B-02.  Herbal Products for Heat-Clearing, Detoxicating, Inflammation-Healing, and Anti-Virus (click for details)

B22: Borneol And Borax Powder  new

B21: Huatuo Pharynx-Clearing Tablet  new

B20: Three-Yellow Tablet  new

B19: Throat-Clearing Pharynx-Disinhibiting Granule  new

B18: Throat-Clearing Granule  new

B17: Bovine Bezoar Toxin-Resolving Tablet  new

B16: Multiple-Ingredients Sarcandra Sucking Tablet  new

B15: Honeysuckle Granule  new

B14: Lonicera Sucking Tablet   

B13: Dandelion Tablet    

B12  Auti-Virus Granule    

B11  Multiple-Ingrients Isatis Granule  

B10  Once Clearing-Up Capsule  

B09  Multiple Dandelion Tablet 

B08  Multiple-Ingredients Scutellaria Tablet 

B07   Isatis Sucking Tablet   

B06  Jade Leaf Fire-Clearing Capsule 

B05  Dandelion Soluble Preparation  

B04  Bovine Bezoar Heat-Clearing Pill   new

B03  Jade Leaf Fire-Clearing Tablet 

B02  Fire-Clearing Gardenia Ophiopogon Tablet 

B01  Inflammation Must Be Eliminated Capsule 


C-03.  Herbal Products for Coughing, Asthma, No-Smoke and No-Alcohol (click for details)

C23: Platycodon Coughing-Relieving Capsule   new

C22: Root-securing Cough and Panting Capsule  new

C21: Lung Clearing Capsule  new

C20: Cordyceps Fritillaria Loquat Voice-Moistening Tablets  

C19: Man Yan Shu Ning Herb Candy

C17  Phlegm-Cough-Cleansing Powder  

C16 Ten Ingredients Gentian Flower Capsules 

C15 Throat Inflammation Tablet 

C14  Lung Benefiting Tablet 

C13  Human Smoking-Stopping Tablet   

C12  Drinking Friends Alcohol-Resolving Crystal   

C11  Huanhuncao Granule 

C10: Common Cold Coughing Granule 

C09  Smoking Giving Up Efficacious Water 

C08  Lung Benefiting Capsule 

C06  Cordyceps Fritillaria Cough-Stopping Gel  

C05  Poria Cinnamon Conghing Panting Calming capsule 

C04  Ginkgo Coughing-Checking Tablets

C03  Lung-Healing Formula   

C02  Cough-Checking Pomelo Granule

C01  Mango Cough-Checking Tablet  


D-04.  Herbal Products for Anemia and Purpura (click for details)

D08   Spleen-Fortifying Blood-Supplementing Granule 

D07 Brain Working Element Capsule  

D06  Golden Chicken Strongly Tonifying Pill    

D05  Blood Producing  Capsule  

D04  Sanguisorba White-Blood-Cell-Increasing Tablet  

D03  Ten Complete Ingredients Great Nourishing Pill

D02  Ass Hide Glue Blood-Supplementing Granule  

D01  Spleen Nourishing Pill  


E-05.  Herbal Products  for Insomnia, Depression and Forgetfulness (click for details) 

E13  Ginseng Longan Velvet Deerhorn Pill  new

E12  Brain-Supplementing Spirit-Quieting Tablet  new

E11  Spiny Jujube Kernel Spirit-Quieting Capsule  new

E09  Sleep Comfortability Capsule 

E08  QGA Spirit-Calming Heart-Tonifying Tablet   

E06  Anti-Brain-Weakening Capsule 

E05  Depression-Resolving Spirit-Calming Soluble Preparation 

E04  Spirit-Calming Capsule 

E03  Seven Leaves Spirit Calmness Tablet 

E02: Wuling Capsule   new

E01  Ginseng Spleen-Invigorating Bolus   new


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