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F-06.  Herbal Products for Diabetes and Fat-Reducing (click for details)

F12: Sugar-Lowering Pill   new

F11  Fetid Cassia Fat-Reducing Tablet   new

F10  Fat-Reducing Slimming Tablet   new

F08  Sugar Vessel Comfort Granule  

F07  Jingzhu Fat-Lowering Toxin-Expelling Capsule  

F06  Fat-Reducing Effective Tablet 

F05  Sugar-Reducing Capsule  

F04  Sugar-Reducing Effecacious Capsule 

F03  Diabetes Disappearing Efficacious Capsule  

F02  Sugar Urine Pleasure Capsule 

F01  Ginseng Astragalus Sugar-Lowering Capsule  


G-07.  Herbal Products  for Gastritis, Gastro-Duodenal Ulcers and Poor Appetite (click for details)

G21Harmony-Preserving Pill    new

G20: Stomach-Calming Tablet   new

G19   Stomach Recovery Capsule 

G18  Stomach Peace Capsule  

G17  Sausurean Amomum Stomach Nourishing Pill  

G16  Stomach Efficacious Granule 

G15  Appetite-Promoting Food-Digesting Tablet

G14  Stomach Benefiting Capsule  

G13  Stomach Peace Calmness Granule 

G12  Stomach-Nourishing Comfortability Capsules 

G11  Stomach-Warming Comfortability Granule 

G10  Stomach Recovery Capsule  

G09  Stomach-Fortifying Ulcer-Healing Tablet 

G08  Original Harmony Stomach-Adjusting Tablet  

G07  Stomachache Calmness Tablet  

G06  Six Ingredients Sausurean Capsule

G05  Ulcer Formula Capsule 

G04  Wei-Tai "999" Capsule

G03  Mo Luo Elixir 

G02  Sausurean Oi-Smoothing Pill 

G01  Stomach-Fortifying Food-Digesting Tablet  


H-08.  Herbal Products for the Liver, Gall-Bladder Diseases (click for details)

H16: Liver-Recovering Capsule

H15 Liver-Soothing Stomach-Pacifying Pill  

H14  Liver-Protecting Tablet    

H13  Hepatitis-B Toxin-Resolving Capsule   

H12  Liver Calmness Comfortability Capsule    

H11  Hepatitis B Toxin-Resolving Capsule   

H10  Multiple Formula Gall-Opening Capsule   

H09  Gall-Smoothening Stone-Expelling Tablet   

H08  Gall-Bladder Comfortability Capsule  

H07  Inflammation-Resolving Gall-Bladder-Excreting Tablet 

H06  Gentian Liver-Discharging Granule 

H05: Gentian Liver-Discharging Capsule

H04  Hepatitis-B Calmness Granule  

H03  Gallstone Opening Capsule  

H02  Leisurely Carefree Pill 

H01  Hepatitis-B Rightness-Supporting Capsule 


I-09.  Herbal Products for Intestine Disorders, Diarrhea and Constipation (click for details)

I15  Intestines-Moistening Pill   new

I14  Multi-Ingredients Bitter Wood Anti-Inflammation Capsule   new

I13  Multiple-Ingredients Coptis Tablet   new

I12  Six Ingredients Saussurea and Coptis Capsule 

I11  Abdomen-Calming Tablet 

I10  Root-Securing Intestine-Boosting Tablet 

I09  Sterculia Sucking Tablet 

I08  Diarrhea Stopping Capsule

I07  Intestines Clearance Tea

I06  Hemp Seed Pill  

I05  Colitis Pills  

I04  Bowel Loosening Capsule  

I02  Intestine-Stomach Tranquilizing Capsule  new


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