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J-10.  Herbal Products for Children (click for details)

J14  Baby's Food-Dispersing Sticker   new

J13  Infants' Spleen-fortifying Granule  new

J12  A Twist Of Gold   new

J11 Infants' Throat-Clearing Granule   new

J10  Infants' Cough-Panting Granule   new

J08  Children's Lung Coughing Granule

J06  Baby's Weight-Increasing Treasure Granule

J05  Dragon Oyster Bone-Strengthening Granule 

J04  Spleen-Awakening Baby-Nourishing Granule

J03  Baby's One Plaster Efficacy 

J02  Children's Phlegm-Transforming

J01  Baby's Especially Effective Pill 


K-11.  Herbal Products for Women's Conditions (click for details)

K39  Enrichment Angelica Pill  new

K38  Bock¨s Greenbrier Root Capsule   new

K37  Menopause-Quieting Tablet   new

K36  Dispersing Mammary Aggregation Tablet   new

K35  Erosion-Dispersing Vaginal Effervescent Tablet  new

K34  Salvia Notoginseng Tablet   new

K33  Hysteromyoma-Quieting Capsule  new

K32  Multiple-Ingredients Apricot-Hare Ears¨ Wind Granule   new

K31: Flavescent Sophora Suppository

K30: Stasis-Dispelling and Bind-Dissipating Capsule

K29  Cinnamom Twig Poria Capsule 

K28  Women's Treasure Capsule  

K27  Breast Recovering Tablet  

K26   Rhubarb Wingless Cockroach Pill  

K25  Breast Masses Clearing Capsule  

K24  Inflammation-Eliminating Suppository  

K23  Cervicitis-Recovering Suppository 

K22  Female Inflammation Recovery Tablet 

K21  Menopause Calmness Capsule 

K20  Uterine Masses Eliminating Capsules 

K19  Post-Delivery Recovery Granule 

K18  Leucorrhoea Tablet  

K17  Anti-Female-Infection Pills

K16  Inflammation Clearing Capsule 

K15: Fu-Ning Suppository  new

K14  Baicao Female-Inflammation-Clearing Suppository  

K13  Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill (Mingji Brand) 

K12  Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill (Chang Chun)   

K11  Women Recovery And Calmness Tablet   

K10  Beauty-Berry Leaf Suppository 

K09  Uterine Blood Calmness Capsule  

K08  Tangkuei Peony Menstruation-Adjusting Tablet 

K07  Motherwort Granule  

K06  Golden Chicken Capsule  

K05  Uterine Inflammation Preventing capsule 

K04  Flower Redness Tablet 

K03  Notoginseng Dysmenorrhea Capsule  

K02  Golden Women Recovery Capsule 

K01  Women's Treasure Capsule 


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