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L-12.  Herbal Products for Ears, Nose, Throat and Eyes (click for details)

L33: Twenty Four Ingredients Voice-Moistening Sucking Tablet    new

L32: Kidney-Supplementing and Tooth-Securing Pill    new

L31: Toothache And Inflammation-Reducing Tablet    new

L30  Deafness Pill  

L29  Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet 

L28  Teethache One Pill 

L27  Golden-Throat Voice-Restoring Pill  

L26  Golden Throat Throat-Moistening Pill   

L25  Pungent Aromatic Rhinitis Capsule 

L24  Six Ingredients Pill  

L23  Throat Condition Pill  

L22  Throat Pain Inflammation-Reducing Pill 

L21  Rhinitis Efficacy Tablet 

L20  Teeth-Strengthening Teethache-Stopping Powder 

L19  Throat-Inflammation Tablet 

L18  Loud Voice Throat-Clearing Candy 

L17  Xiong Dan Capsule  

L16  Eye-Brightening Rehmannia Pill 

L15  Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet 

L14  Eyesight-Increasing Tablet

L13  Sterculia Throat Treasure Sucking Tablet

L12  Screened Eyes Brightening Tablet 

L11  Nose Larynx Toxin-Clearing Granule  

L10  Dendrobium Night Light Pill 

L08  Watermelon Frost Lozenges  

L07  Ledebouriella Angelica Rhinitis Tablet  

L06  Rhinitis Pill  

L05  Laggren Granule  

L04  Dr. Huang Loud Voice Pill  

L03  Golden Throat Herbal Candy 

L02  People-Strengthening Throat Tablet

L01  Blue Swan Rhinitis Tablet 


M-13.  Herbal Products for Diseases of the Heart, Brain, Blood Vessels, Hypertension and Dizziness(click for details)

M36: Hypertension-Reducing Tablet  new

M35: Vessel Freeing Granule   new

M34  Gold-Supplementing Capsule  new

M33  Ligusticum Root and MuskVessels-Freeing Pill     

M32  Compound Ligusticum Root Capsule  

M31  Coronary Heart Quietness Tablet 

M30  Musk Anti-Embolism Pill 

M29  Heart-Calming Granule 

M28  Blood-Nourishing Brain-Clearing Granule  

M27  Heart Brain Clearing Soft Capsule  

M26  Corydalis Salvia Heart-Benefiting Capsule 

M25  Double Redness Blood-Quickening Capsule 

M24  Gastrodia Headache Efficacy Capsule  

M23  Dizziness-Stopping Spirit-Calming  

M22  Enriching Calming Pill  

M21  Embolism-Eliminating Meridian-Opening Tablet  

M20  Brain-Clearing Hypertension-Reducing Tablet  

M19  Healthy Heart Brain Capsule 

M18  Eucommia Hypertension-Reducing Tablet 

M17  Bezoar Hypertension-Reducing Capsule

M16  Blood-Quickening Vessel-Opening Capsule

M15  Yin-Nourishing Hypertension-Reducing Capsule 

M14  Head-Fortifying Qi-Enriching Tablet 

M13  Gastrodia Headache Tablet  

M12  Vessel Pleasing Granule 

M11  Healthy Heart Tablet  

M10  Dizziness Controlling Capsule  

M09  Powerful Strength Brain Heart Recovering Capsule 

M08  Compound Danshen Dripping Pill 

M06  Brain-Enriching Capsule 

M05  Brain-Conquering Calmness Capsule

M04  Speedy Heart-Rescuing Pill 

M03  Boita Seed Heart-Nourishing Pill 

M02  Heart Treasure 

M01  Recovering Your Heart Capsule 


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