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Many international friends in our hospital find the fact that "most international patients who suffer from chronic and difficult health problems could get obvious improvement during the first two weeks."

  • Hagit,Motor Neuron Disease,from IsraelDate:13.05.10
    On Nov. 20, 2009, Hagit, from Israel, has received our treatments for 39 days for suffering from motor neuron disease. By the doctors efforts, she has got obvious improvement. Her treatment is succe..
  • Leukopenia Date:13.05.09
    Leukopenia exists whenever the number of the white blood cells in the peripheral circulation is continually lower than 4¡109/L, and the percentage of neutrophilic granulocytes is normal or slig..
  • Infection of Biliary Tract and Gall StonesDate:13.05.09
    Infection of biliary tract and gall stones are common surgical acute abdominal diseases. They include acute and chronic cholecystitis, acute and chronic cholangitis, cholelithiasis, choledocholith, he..
  • InsomniaDate:13.05.09
    Insomnia is a common complaint. Physical causes f insomnia are comparatively few. In most cases, insomnia is a psychophysiological disorder, resulting mainly from the self-stimulation engendered y anx..
  • Impotence & Premature EjaculationDate:13.05.09
    Impotence refers to softness of the penis during erection, inability to maintain erection, or powerless erection during sex. In TCM, this symptom is described as slackness of the ancestral sinew due t..
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