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  • Distant TCM Treatment--Herbal Tea DecoctionDate:15.09.11
    Our TCM doctors will check into detail about the individual conditions of a patient. Based upon the syndrome identification and treatment determination, such as yin, yang, heat, cold, exterior, interi..
  • Distant TCM Treatment--Herbal GranuleDate:15.09.11
    The herbal granule is dissoluble and concentrated made through modern technology. Each dosage is composed of different sachets of granule. Please cut every sachet and put the granule into a cup. Put a..
  • Distant TCM Treatment--Honey Herb CandyDate:15.09.11
    Honey herb candy. Sometimes, some people do not have enough time to decoct the herbal mixture which is mentioned above. So doctors help to make the herbal mixture into fine powders and the specific ho..
  • Distant TCM Treatment--Modern Prepared Herbal ProductsDate:14.04.11
    Modern prepared herbal products. Influenced by modern western medicine, many prepared herbal products are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies through modern techniques. So, these products hav..
  • Get Treatment in the Hospital (1)Date:13.05.14
    Doctors in our TCM hospital maintain a high standard of professional ethics, being as considerate as possible of every patient's concerns. Our doctors make every patient feel well-respected, content ..
  • Get Treatment in the Hospital (2)Date:13.05.14
    If you would like to come to China to seek our treatment right now,Zhongfang is located in Huaihua City, West Hunan province, mid-south China, close to the internationally famous and beautiful tourist..
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