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5,000 years TCM, the greatest medicine in the world

Greetings from the hometown of Chinese medicine, Huaihua, Hunan Province, China
Our TCM Complex for International Service was established in the year of 2000. We are the No. One in China for international TCM service, for example:
1. More than one million international friends have consulted us for health problems and TCM knowledge by email and Skype, etc.
2. Our hospital has helped more than 2000 international patients who came here for hospitalization due to various kinds of chronic and difficult diseases.
3. Our hospital have offered Chinese medicine training programs for more than 500 international students.
4. Our international patients and students came from more than one hundred different countries, including South America, North America, Africa, middle-east, Asia.
5. We have sent more than 40 thousand copies of English TCM books over the world.
6. We are regarded as the biggest international folk exchange platform in our Hunan Province.

7. Many international friends in our hospital find the fact that "most international patients who suffer from chronic and difficult health problems could get obvious improvement during the first two weeks."
8. More and more international friends and wholesalers are ordering our herbal formulas and herbs.
At present in the medical field, the biggest achievement of the human beings is Western Medicine and TCM  (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Western medicine specializes in treating approximately 30% of all man's diseases, such as: first aid; surgeries; the prevention of the spreading of epidemic diseases; and sustaining life functions by the use of modern facilities and equipment. Whereas TCM excels in the treatment of 70% of human diseases, such as: chronic inflammation; chronic pain; functional imbalance; immune system disorders; viral infections; proliferative diseases; degenerative conditions; senility problems; commonly encountered syndromes; sub-health status; and other chronic and difficult health problems.

We know that Western Medicine is the preferred solution for acute conditions, however the number of people choosing the green, and safe, medicine is growing daily. Rather than Western medicine, which is based on chemical materials that then have their side effects with their problems, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based upon natural plants. The comprehensive and flexible treatment strategies bring about fantastic results based on herbal treatment, acupuncture and massage rather than the invasive methods of Western medicine. It is now our special honor to share this millenia old medicine with you and other friends all over the world.

The theoretical system of TCM is based upon the universe cocept (such as heaven and earth) and philosophy concept (such as yin and yang). The clinical system of TCM is based upon live human bodies. The treatment of medicines is based upon plants. During the treament, TCM regards the human body a a whole. All herbs in the formula could cooperate and supplement each other to play a comprehensive role. Therefore, TCM is really a science of human beings, a science of ecology, and a science of wholeness

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) International Service Complex is located in Huaihua City, Hunan Province in Mid-South China. It encompasses a medical school, TCM bookstore, TCM hospital, acupuncture center, herbal manufacturer, herbal scientific research center, TCM herbal pharmacy, TCM export company, and an information service. is also the most comprehensive and informative website of traditional Chinese medicine in the world. TCM China International has been offering faithful services to thousands of international readers, students, doctors, patients, wholesalers and other clients since 2000. Our aim is to promote the globalization and modernization of TCM all over the world...and we are pleased to see the quick flourishing of TCM worldwide. 

Our Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital For Chronic And Difficult Diseases in the west part of Hunan province, Mid-South China is a significant medical service entity, managed by a group of highly experienced practitioners of TCM in Mainland China. (Zhongfang is a newly built ecological city attached to Huaihua city.) Our hospital has about 160,000 square meters of land, and about 80 working staff including TCM professors, TCM doctors, acupuncturists, nurses, translators, cleaners, drivers and guards, etc. Our facility was established in the year 2000. We are helping many Chinese patients here from our city and over China daily with great fame. In order to make the efficacious medical services of TCM available to more people in the West, our aim is to introduce and utilize effective methods of diagnosis and treatment to people in Western societies where complete TCM clinical service is not easily accessible. Zhongfang is a quiet city without industry pollution.

From 2000 to now, more than 2000 international friends, from more than 100 countries, have come to our facility.  “The First Zhongfang International TCM Forum held on August 28, 2012 made the decision that the local Chinese government of Zhongfang city would promote the project of making Zhongfang as the World TCM City”. Ms. Li Xia, Member of Standing Committee of County Party Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department of Zhongfang County said on the forum that we will work closely with the principal line of “basing on the ecological resources of Zhongfang County to build an International TCM City” and stick to the practice of “pure TCM science”… We will discuss the issues of Building the World TCM Exchange Base, Rehabilitation Base of Chronic and Difficult Diseases, and Clinical Practice Base of TCM, etc.
Currently, among our international patients who came here, we had many patients who have been offered very good treatment result, with the conditions of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), MS (multiple sclerosis), lupus, sclerosis, rheumatism, and middle or early stage cancers, etc.

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