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  • Difficulties of the Modern Western MedicinesDate:15.04.08
    I am a doctor of western medicine spending my early study in Germany and I’ve been engaged in clinical medicine over 30 years. I have also won many National Science and Technology Progress Awards in ..
  • What's Yin & YangDate:14.07.31
    The theory of yin-yang originated in antiquity in China. It is a theory dealing with the origination of the universe as well as the motion and variation of all things in the natural world. It holds th..
  • TCM is what you should focusDate:13.05.10
    Traditional Chinese Medicine is a real synthetic medicine which covers nature, society and human beings. It treats diseases from the root by adjusting mentality, appropriate exercise, nutritional mana..
  • The Advantages of TCMDate:13.05.10
    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was born in the background of ancient Chinese “harmony culture”. The mainstream of Chinese culture is Confucianism and Taoism. Whether it is the medium doctrine of..
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