Difficulties of the Modern Western Medicines

(Original Title: A Proposal on Canceling Western Medicine by a Medical Doctor)

---Written by western medical doctor:Liu Weimin

Translated by Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital

Note: All the view points in this article are only for reference.


I am a doctor of western medicine spending my early study in Germany and I’ve been engaged in clinical medicine over 30 years. I have also won many National Science and Technology Progress Awards in medical research. However, because of the contradiction between its theory and clinical practice, as well as the limitations of itself I gradually put forward many questions that why have we paid such a heavy cost and pain for good health and illness treatment? Doesn’t our human civilization have more safe and scientific methods of treatment?

Suggestions on canceling western medicine:

1. Western medicine theory is established on the basis of mechanical materialism and metaphysics. Although the research on human body’s organic tissues has reached molecular and cellular level, western medicine has greatly deviated from the organic connection of human body due to its world view. For example, human body is an organic combination, yet, for the sake of research convenience western medicine concentrates on individual study of every single tissue and organ at first. Just like the earth, seen as a whole, borders are divided artificially, but actually we cannot consider the borders when we study the earth.

2. The toxic and side effects of western medicine are too much and often exceed its curative effect, which contradicts with our green and environment-protective concept.

(1) Slight illness leads to serious one. For instance, after gallstone operation, there is no fundamental solution to the causes of the formation of stones so they can only re-generate in the hepatic duct. Therefore, patients get another illness of hepatolithiasis from the primary disease, gallstone. 

(2) The damage caused by side effects of western medicine often exceeds its curative effects. As a result, during the treatment of many chronic diseases, primary disease is not cured, but more diseases appear and they are even more serious than primary ones, such as chronic nephritis, anemia. Due to the long-term application of hormone medicine, original disease cannot be cured and even more diseases are produced, eg: osteoporosis, high blood viscosity, masculine, reduction of immunity, obesity, moon face, sexual dysfunction, etc.

(3) Further, the side effects of some western medicine have an incubation period of more than ten years, and even break out in next generation. For example, tetracycline tooth event which happened in 1960’s caused people of that time facing with black teeth a dozen years later. For another instance, painless childbirth became popular for a period in 1970’s and 1980’s, resulting in 4-5 times higher risk of uterine cancer for the next generation girls.

(4) Observe carefully and you will find none of a disease can be really cured by western medicine in clinical practice especially in internal medicine system. Patients are under treatment repeatedly throughout the year, hospitalized and discharged repeatedly, over and over again are in hospital and eventually end up their lives. Apart from making money, what else does hospital bring for patients’ health? Actually, in order to satisfy the rules of "Eight Great Rate", most patients’ conditions are not much different when admitted and discharged from hospital, some of them become even worse.