Confidence Promise: For any ALS patient who comes here for hospitalization, if the first 10 days do not offer you any improvement, you have the right to decline the payment for these ten days. Before your coming, please contact us in advance. Thanks.

Pattern 7. Qi Deficiency of Lungs and Spleen

Pathogenic Mechanism: Qi Deficiency of the Lungs and Spleen; Lack of Nourishment.

Major Symptoms: Weak four limbs, inability to pick up articles by hands, inability to raise the arms, inability to walk, inability to bend the knees, edema of the legs, unclear and unsmooth speech, shortness of breath, cough without power, thin saliva, difficult swallowing, having to eat fluid foods, powerless chewing ability, obvious muscle jumpings of the whole body, fatigue, low voice, being lazy to talk, reduced appetite, abdominal fullness, colorless complexion, sloppy stool, pale or enlarged tongue body, white and slippery tongue coating, weak pulse.

Pattern 8. Hot Phlegm Blocking Throat

Pathogenic Mechanism: Hot Phlegm Disturbing the Throat; the Channels Blocked.

Major Symptoms: Scanty and sticky phlegm on the throat, being not easy to cough out, cough with yellow phlegm, chest depression with vexation, difficulty in speech and swallowing, unclear speech, cough when drinking, difficult breath, muscle jumpings, weak four limbs, muscle atrophy, or shortened tongue body, yellowish urine, constipation, red tongue body, yellowish and greasy tongue coating, slippery and rapid pulse.

Pattern 9. Cold Phlegm Blocking Throat

Pathogenic Mechanism: Deficient Cold of the Spleen and Stomach; Failure of Transformation of Water and Dampness.

Major Symptoms: Shortened tongue body with large amount of thin saliva dripping continuously, difficulty in speech and swallowing, cough, unclear speech, cough when drinking, unsmooth breath, relatively low body temperature, numb or painful four limbs, stiff and edematous two legs which are worsened when facing cold, whitish urine, pale tongue body, white and slippery or white and greasy tongue coating, deep and thready and slippery pulse.

Pattern 10. Double Deficiencies of Yin and Yang

Pathogenic Mechanism: Double Deficiencies of the Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang.

Major Symptoms: Stiff tongue with inability to speak, disabled feet, muscle jumpings, stiff muscles or flaccid muscles, aversion to cold, cold four limbs, dry mouth, red face, feverish sense in the soles and palms in the afternoon, dizziness, softness and pains of the loins and knees, impotence, loss of semen, deep and thready and weak pulse.

Pattern 11. Upper Heat and Lower Cold

Pathogenic Mechanism: Rushing upward of the Deficient Yang; Coagulation of Cold in the Lower Part of the Body

Major Symptoms: Thirst, red face and eyes, dry mouth and throat, sweating at the upper body, feverish sense of the upper body with normal body temperature, muscle jumpings of the upper body, stiffness and heaviness and cramps of the lower body, relatively cold lower limbs, yellowish urine, red tongue with yellowish coating or yellowish and greasy coating, slippery and rapid pulse.

Thank you very much. Hope our research and work are helpful for your health.

Dr. Zhu Ming

April. 6th, 2013