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Dear Dr Ming,

I am glad to inform you that I have finished my tea herbal therapy ten days ago ! Now I wish to tell you about my present condition! I have noticed couple of improvements like :  I feel more stable while I am standing or walking, the pain in my knees has totaly dissapeared, I feel stronger, I can walk more then I did before but I still need someone to hold on to while Im walking ! Two things we should try to influence more are my stability and also I would like to try to decrease my constant urination !  

So I have decided to continue with one more herbal therapy but I dont know if you would like to change something in it !

Tell me if you need some more information about my symptoms or something else !

Also my family and I are  interested in conditions for being your representative in my country or in this part of Europe (EX Yugoslavia) if there is no-one else representing you ! A lot of people I know are interested in your herbal therapy so maybe we can try to cooperate. I would like to help people to find out more of a new way of treating which is sometimes more efficient than the modern medicine. So please send me all information about this idea !  

Looking forward to hear from you very soon,

Best wishes to you and your staff,


2005-10-4  Goran

Dear Goran
Thanks so much for your kind email. Pleased to know the herbal tea work well for you. If you don't mind, please keep in touch with us and let us know your progress. Thanks a lot. After you use rest of the herbal tea, if you need, you  could order the second treatment course to consolidate the good result. 
If you are able to come our hospital, it is much better. It will be more effective. You are warmly welcome to come to our hospital. We are sure it would be guarantee a better treatment result to you. As to the costs here, the general cost for medical service here will be only US$40.00 to $80.00 or so for a person each day, including a room in our hospital and herbal treatment (as well as acupuncture and massage if needed for your case). Food is not included and will be covered by yourself. According to our statistics, patients who have been here paid US$50.00 to $100.00 a day for all the costs based upon different diseases and different individual budgets.
You could take a direct train from Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou or Shenzhen to Huaihua. All these trains run to Huaihua everyday. Soft beds or regular beds are always available. Our staff would be pleased to meet you at the Huaihua Zhijiang Airport or Huaihua Train Station. Please contact us in advance so that we can tell you which train would be convenient for you. 
In order to guarantee your smooth arrival here, we also offer the following services, such as tickets booking for air flights and trains, picking up with you in the airport and train station by our working staff, one night hotel booking during the mid-way to our hospital, etc. Please contact us in advance so that we could make the above arrangement for you. Thanks.