On Christmas Eve, 2005, three Bulgarian friends who suffer from  MS (multiple sclerosis) are celebrating the festival with us in our hospital. Among them, Miss D, suffering from MS (multiple sclerosis) for seven years with coughing, back pains, difficult walking, recovers 80% after 80 days treatment in our hospital.


Also, I met Jenni from Malaysia, pleased with her progress of 5 weeks.  After 3 years in bed, & one year of crippled fingers she can now straighten her hands to sign her name again.  She is also able to use her back enabling her to sit upright unaided and feels sensation in her legs returning.

I witnessed astounding improvements in 16 year old Maddie from Australia's MS within a very short time of her arrival here - I'm sure her details appear elsewhere on this site.  Her Mum, whilst here, also had treatment to cure knee & back pain she was experiencing - in only one session!

I arrived here & quickly reached a point where I could not lift a fork to my mouth, brush my teeth or pluck my eyebrows!!  Dr Ming realised I was going through a relapse which had begun in London 3 weeks previously, as I had been deteriorating alarmingly almost on a daily basis.  Within 2 days of acupuncture, massage & herbal tea I could perform all 3 tasks..  Very strong spasms I have been experiencing through my whole body have improved 40-60%.   I feel my relapse has been halted and look forward to further improvement.

The team & treatment here are excellent making me feel safe, welcome and cared for.

Diana 18 June '06


An Email From MS Patient Miss. D from Bulgaria

Hello dear friend Fly, how are you? Forgive my delayed letter. We haven't forgot you we miss you a lot. You know my English is not good so now my friend is writing for me. Right after our arriving we were called by our doctor to go to the Medicine Academy in Sofia to do some tests and magnetic resonance tomography. We came back just yesterday.  The results of the tests are good, after the magnetic resonance tomography the doctor said that the desease is even stopped at the moment. In fact my test results are better than Miro's ones. In Bulgaria is still cold and i feel my left leg block and stiff. Miro feel the same in his left knee. We will order the herbal tea, but now we can't send the money, so we'll do it later. Unfortunately we don't work yet and we have sick notes for one more month.