On February 9, 2006 Mr. W (his figure is removed from this picture for privacy) comes from Europe. After ten days treatment in our hospital his prostate pains has been reduced 80%. He has the severe prostate pains for 14 years every day and he has been to America and Europe for treatment but all in vain. His treatment program is for one month for full recovery.


Brief Summary: On February 9, 2006, Mr. W, from Europe, was hospitalized in our hospital. After ten days treatment, his prostate pains have been lessened by 80%. He has suffered from the severe prostate pains for 14 years. And before, he had ever been to America and Europe for treatment but all in vain. His one-month treatment program made him achieve full recovery.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Mr. W.                            Sex: male

Age: 42                                      Nationality: Ireland

Marital status: married                 Date of admission: Feb 4, 2006

Date of record: Feb 4, 2006       Narrator of medical history: patient himself

Major complaint:

Increased urinary frequency, strong prostate pains, painful urination. These have been lasting for 13 years constantly.

The medical history:

The patient had the symptoms above 13years ago, especially after a long-time job, but he didn’t pay special attention. Consequently, the symptom was more serious. He had experienced the western treatment for 2 months in his local country, but no special improvement. In the September, 2005, he went to Xiang Ya Hospital, Chang Sha city, Hu Nan province, to try Chinese-Western-combined treatments and acupuncture, massage treatments, but still no improvement. Now, the patient has the symptom of yellowish urinary, burning pain in the urethra, perineum-ache, waist-ache and distending pain in his lower abdomen, cold-pain feeling in the lower abdomen, loss of sexual function, hypodynamia, without headache and dizziness, unclear vision, slightly tinnitus in his ears, snuffle, baldness, constant cold-feeling on his back, dry and bitter mouth and with the desire for warm water, good appetite, easily-hungry but eat little, easily wake-up. He sometimes has difficulty in bowel movement and the feeling of weakness after that.

Other diseases:

He had been suffering from the disease of lupus for 8 years. After so many kinds of western medicines, he began to suffer the pain in all his body-joints. He also suffered from rhinitis and took twice operations for the nasal cavity.