Brief Summary: Miss B, from USA, suffered from scleroderma. After 20-day treatment in our hospital, her condition has been improved greatly.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Miss B.                            Sex: Female

Age:  32                                     Marital Status: Single

Profession: Staff of Ford Car Company in USA  

Date of hospitalization: February 16, 2006.

Major complaint: Multiple atrophy and sclerosis on the skin of her both hands as well as stiff finger joints for 8 years.

Disease history: The skin of her both hands became tight without obvious reasons 8 years ago. The wrinkle vanished and her facial wrinkle also disappeared. There is waxen gloss on the surface of skin and the skin can not be pinched by hand. Fixed expression. Its difficult for her to open and close the mouth. Tight feeling of her chest. She once took treatment in her local hospital, and took hormone medicine orally, but without obvious effects.

Now we find her skin is atrophic and becoming thinner, it looks like parchment. Muscular dystrophy. Breath difficulty. Stiffness and deformation of the finger joints. Restricted activities. Distention and fullness of the stomach duct. She is aversion to coldness. Cold limbs. Her both hands are stiff and deformed. Frequent cough. Phlegm is whitish and yellow. The sleep is OK. Appetite is not very good. The bowel movement and urination are normal. The tongue body is shortened and slightly reddish. Thin and whitish tongue coating. Deep and fine pulse.

Last August she got first aid in the local hospital because of lung function failure. She also suffers from the lung fibrosis and pulmonary emphysema.  

Malnutrition. Normal growth of her body. The state of mind is clear. Chronic disease with sick looking. Fixed facial expression. The skin is cold and lack of elasticity. No bleeding spots or spider angioma, and no skin rash. We could not touch the lymph node under the two jaws and the surface of her whole body. The head is not deformed. No pressing pains and. The hair does not have gloss. No eyelid droop and no edema. No hyperemia and bleeding of the conjunctiva. The sclera is not yellow. The cornea is transparent. Normal size of the pupillae and well response to the reflection of light. The hearing ability is normal. No pressing pains of the nipples. The nasal cavity is smooth and no abnormal secretion. The oral cavity does not have the unusual odor. No cyanosis of lips. The movement of the tongue body is not flexible. Atrophic tongue. The tongue coating is thin and whitish. No hyperemia of the throat. No swallowing difficulty. The neck is soft. The trachea is located in the middle. We can see the neck vein pulsates obviously. The chest is symmetrical. No pressing pains and no varicosity of the chest wall. The chest does not havesclerosis. The breath is shallow and quick. The rhythm is regular. The sound respouse is symmetrical. The pleura does not have the frictional feeling. The heart rate is 65 times per minute. The heart rhythm is uneven. There is no additional sound and the pericardium fricative. The abdomen is soft. No pressing pains and no rebound tenderness. No check-up of the liver, the spleen, the kidney