Brief Summary: Mr. S from Sweden, suffering from MS for 20 years, got good improvement after 20-day treatment including herbal tea, massage and acupuncture. His hands act much more flexibly and powerfully. March 13, 2006.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Mr.S                                                 Sex: Male 

Age: 56                                                       Occupation: Captain 

Date of hospitalization: February 20, 2006    Marital Status: Married 

Major complaint: lower limbs are completely paralysed for 8 years.

Disease history: 

In 1974, the patient felt that his left half-length body became numb, without any reasons and had no feelings even burning it with cigarette. He was hospitalized for a month and did not find out the cause of disease. The symptoms voluntarily vanished with no medicine after four months. In 1980, he found the skin on the surface of neck and feet was tight. He was again hospitalized in the hospital for 2 weeks and did not find out the cause of disease. After the third week he restored voluntarily normally. 

Since 1986 he could not run without reasons and could not keep balance when standing with his eyes closed. He was hospitalized again. The doctor suspected it was encephaloma, but after the further inspection, finding it was wrong. After 4 months, his feet would feel stiff and could not move if he walked over one kilometer, only could walk by pulling his feet. He was finally diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). In 1987 he emigrated to Sweden because of the Iran and Iraq war, and could not walk since then. His condition aggravated day by day and needed walking stick to help walk. From 1990 he began to use the wheelchair, until 1995 his lower limbs could not move completely. Since 1998 he had to depend on the electrically operated wheelchair to move, because both hands have lost strength. The  lefthand strength loss is probably 75%, the strength loss of right hand is probably 95%. Besides MS, he also has hypertension, and was compelled to retire. His condition was aggravated continuously and no knee jerk reflex, as well as twitch of waist and lower limbs. He had been taking Azatioprinnm orally for a long time so condition was under control and not aggravated for three years.