Brief Summary: The MS (multiple sclerosis) patient from Malaysia has stayed in bed without any senses for 3 years. After 40-day treatment here, the patient got full sense of the total body.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Xie Jieni                     Nationality: Malaysia

Sex: Female                           Age: 53

Marital Status: Married           The Date of Admission: May 12, 2006

Chief complaints: Her lower limbs could not walk for three and half a years, and she can not control her urination for one and a half years.

History of Present Illness:

In January of 2003, her lower limbs became weak, and numb without any reasons. Then she could not walk. She underwent treatment in several hospitals in Singapore and Malaysia. Doctors diagnosed the illness as multiple spinal cord sclerosis. During these treatments there was a little relief, but it relapsed. Since January of 2005, she could not control her urination and she has to use a catheter for urination.

By the internet she  found our hospital and came here for TCM treatment. At present, she has no headache or fever. Her sense of wellbeing is good, and her appetite is normal. Her bowel movement is once a day or every other day. She has bedsores because she was always in bed.

History of past illness: She had constipation, and bedsores before, but she did not take any medicines. She has no history of operation, trauma or allergy to medicine. She has no experience of blood fusion.

Personal history:

She was born in Malaysia, and the living condition were good. Malaysia has a humid climate and hot weather. She likes spicy foods. She has no addiction to alcohol or tobacco.

Physical examination:

Ne  Nervous system is ok. She speaks clearly. Breath is normal. There was no abnormal sign found of her five sense organs. The rhythm of the heart is 74/min. Her upper limbs can move but are weak, especially her left hand. Her lower limbs can not move. There is no swelling or malformation of her knees and ankles. The patellar relex is normal. There is no feeling of cold or warm below her navel.