Brief Summary: On Feb. 9, 2009, Sarath from Sri Lanka, who has suffered from ALS, accompanied with the symptom of the difficulties in speaking and swallowing for one year, was hospitalized in our hospital. He has achieved some improvement after 78 days TCM treatment here.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Sarath                                       Birthplace: Sri Lanka

Sex: Male                                             Profession: Civilian

Age: 60                                                Date of Admission: Feb. 9, 2009

Religion: Muslim                                  Date of Record: Feb. 10, 2009

Marital Status: Married                      Onset Season: Two days after Spring begins

Complainer: The patient himself and the translator

First Medical Record

Date: Feb. 10, 2009                                       Time: 8: 00 a. m.

Sarath, a 60-year-old male, has suffered from ALS, accompanied with the symptom of the difficulties in speaking and swallowing for one year. He was hospitalized in our hospital at 19: 00 p. m. on Feb. 9, 2009.

Essentials for Diagnosis:

1. The patient has suffered from the symptom of the difficulties in speaking and swallowing for one year.

2. Last January, the patient began to feel the difficulties in speaking and swallowing, but there were no itching and pains of the throat. He could feel the difficulty in drinking in the early stage, but later he could drink water without problem. He had no ability to make his tongue curve upward, and the tongue could not touch the lips. His pronunciation was not clear. There was slight jumping of the muscles, but without the symptoms of the pains and stiffness. He was given MRI examination in the local hospital but with no clear diagnosis. Last April, he began to take his traditional treatment in his country, but there was no obvious improvement. Then he took western medicine treatment in July, but there was still no much improvement. Last September, he was given EMG examination in the local hospital and then was diagnosed with ALS. Later he took our herbal tea treatment and consciously felt the jumping of the muscles disappeared and the tongue could touch the lips. So he went to our hospital for further treatment. Since he suffered from the disease, there was no obvious decline of the weight and muscular strength. At present, the patient had the difficulty in speaking and swallowing. He was fond of drinking warm water and was easy to cough up when drinking. His breath and sleep were normal. There was slight cough and he consciously felt the phlegm in the throat. His appetite was generally good. There were the symptoms of the sense of heavy head and vomiting if he didnt take any food. But he felt comfortable after the meals. His urine and bowel movement were normal.

3. He had the history of chronic rhinitis. No allergy to the food or medicine.