Brief Summary: Peter, from Holland, suffering from ALS, stayed in our hospital for five months. The abilities of his voice and swallowing have been improved a lot. The ability of the legs and arms is stabilized. He was quite satisfied with our treatment result.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Peter                                               Sex: Male

Age: 41                                                       Profession:  Office Clerk

Nationality: The Netherlands                     Marital Status: Married

Onset Season: Summer                            Date of Admission: Nov. 10, 2007  

Complainer: The patient himself                Reliability: Reliable

First Medical Record

Nov. 10, 2007  

Peter, a 41-year-old male, has suffered from weakness of the upper limbs, along with difficulty in flexibility of finger joints for two years, and the condition has been aggravated for one year. He was picked up by our staff in Zhijiang Airport and arrived in Huaihua Red Cross Hospital for further treatment at 20: 10 p.m. on Nov. 11, 2007.

Essentials for Diagnosis:

1. The patient has suffered from weakness of the upper limbs, along with difficulty in flexibility of finger joints for two years, and the condition has been aggravated for one year.

2. In the beginning of Nov. 2005, the patient began to feel weakness of the upper limbs without any obvious causes. At that time, the patient paid no attention to it, and did no examination or treatment about it. Therefore, the disease was developing progressively. Three months later, the patient had difficulty in the movement of fingers of both hands. The finger joints were not able to do any flexible movement. But he still took no examination or treatment. In Oct. 2006, the patient went to a local hospital for a diagnosis. After the MRI examination, he was diagnosed withamyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The hospital prescribed him rilutek capsule. After one-month medicine taking, he stopped taking it due to some discomfort. Then he did no other treatment. In Nov. 2006, the patients condition was aggravated, with symptoms of weakness of the lower limbs, the delay of his movement, and difficulty in speaking. To seek for a further comprehensive treatment, he arrived in our hospital at 19: 30 p.m. on July 18, 2007. Since he got the disease, his spirit and appetite were both normal. His sleep was slightly poor. His bowel movement and urination were both normal. 

3. T 36.3P 83 beats/minute, R 20 times/minute, BP 130/80 mmHg.

4. He grew normally with common nourishment. His mind was clear. He had an expression of chronic illness and languidness. His body was in a positive posture and he was cooperative in examination.

5. He has suffered from weakness of the upper limbs and slightly muscular atrophy of double arms. There were obvious atrophy on the muscles of thenar eminence and hypothenar of his double hands. His fingers of double hands had difficulty in flexible movement with poor fine movement. The experiment on his hands was (+). The muscular strength of his upper limbs was Grade  with muscle weak hypertonicity. His lower limbs were weak, stiff with difficulty in walking. The muscular strength of his lower limbs was also Grade  with muscle weak hypertonicity. The muscles all over his limbs beat uncontrollably and frequently. He had the symptoms of short of breath, weakness, as well as with difficulty in speaking. His tongue surface was uneven, and there were teeth marks at the edge of his tongue.

6. No thoracic deformity. Chest percussion noted resonance. Sound of breath is bilaterally clear on auscultation. No sound of pleural friction.

7. Diagnostic examination: Not provided