Brief Summary: On January 08, 2011, David, from the United States, who had suffered from wilting pattern or muscle atrophy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the concept of western medicine for 6 months, accompanied by unclear speech for 11 months and weakness and muscles atrophy of the right upper limb, was hospitalized in our hospital. He had achieved significant improvement after 70 days TCM treatment.

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Record of Hospitalization

Name: David T. Anderson                         Sex: Male

Age: 45                                                     Marital Status: Married

Nationality: American                               Date of Admission: Jan. 8, 2011

Companion: Alone

First Medical Record

Date: Jan. 8, 2011                                Time: 14:00 pm

This 45-year-old man had suffer from unclear speech for 11 months and muscle atrophy of the right upper limb for 6 months, accompanied by weakness and muscle jumpings all over the body. The patient was hospitalized in our hospital for TCM treatment at 14 pm on January 8, 2011. 

Essential for Diagnosis:

1. The patient had suffered from unclear speech for 11 months and muscle atrophy of the right upper limb for 6 months.

2. The patient had complained of speech problem, weak wriggling of the facial and tongue muscles and weak chewing without any obvious cause of disease in March, 2010. Then, he went to local hospital to take MRI examination and EMG check. The report showed that Mr. David indeed had ALS. He took the medicine of Rilutek and vitamins for the treatment of ALS, but the therapeutic effects were not great. In August of the same year, there was evident muscular atrophy of the right upper limb, especially of the thumb web muscles and the muscles of the thenar and hypothenar. He lost weight for 20 pounds, accompanied by weakness and muscle jumpings over the whole body. In November, 2011, he began to take the herbal medicines delivered from our hospital for treatment, and his above-mentioned conditions were reduced somewhat.

3. When the patient hospitalized in our hospital, he had speech difficulty and swallowing problem and sometimes he suffered from coughs. The right upper limb was weak, accompanied by muscle atrophy. He was very easy to be tired and was feeling weak all over the body. Besides, he had muscle jumpings over the general body and occasionally had short breath and chest tightness. The patient felt dry in the mouth and liked hot drinking. Sometimes, he coughed with white and sticky sputum. He felt cold limbs. His spirit was ok. Anyway, He had good appetite and sleep. There was bowel movement one time a day. Urine was of yellow color. The tongue was slightly red with thin and yellow tongue-coating. In the middle of the tongue, there were cracks, and along the tongue edge, there were tooth marks. The surface of the tongue was a little uneven with weak wriggling of the tongue. The pulse was slippery.

4. T: 36.3C   R: 20 times/minute    P: 60 times/minute   BP: 104/70mmHg

5. He grows normally. The patients daily food was of medium nutrition. He had conscious mind and natural facial expression, but the expression was exhausted. He could walk by himself. He cooperated with doctors when did the physical examination.

6. The formation and size of the thorax were normal. The breathing sounds of the lungs were clear, with no pathological murmurs. The heart rate was regular and it was 60 times per minute.

7. Examinations of MRI and EMG in March, 2010 in America showed the patient had been attacked by ALS.