Brief Summary: On April 9, 2011, Daa, from Slovenia, who had suffered from wilting pattern or muscle atrophy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the concept of western medicine for more than 2 years, developing into difficult walking problem for 10 months, was hospitalized in our hospital. She achieved some great improvement after 31 days TCM treatment.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Daa                                            Sex: Female

Age: 47                                                 Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Slovene                             Date of Admission: April 9, 2011

Companion: Family

First Medical Record

Date: Apr. 10, 2011                                Time: 10:00 am

This 47-year-old lady had suffered from weak and powerless limbs for two and half years, developing into difficult walking for 10 months. The patient was hospitalized in our hospital for TCM treatment at 19 pm on April 9, 2011.

Essential for Diagnosis:

1. The patient had been suffering from weak and powerless limbs for two and half years, developing into difficult walking for 10 months.

2. The patient complained of weakness and pains over her left upper limb without any evident causes on October, 2008. Fingers of her left hand were also weak, disabled to fix the fasteners on the clothes. She did not go to hospital for any examinations. In November, 2009, her left little finger was out of movement; left lower limb began to be weak; there were pains over her right wrist and muscle jumpings over her whole general body. In June, 2010, the above mentioned symptoms became severe, and the movement of dorsiflexion of her left foot was reduced. The report of EMG presented that she was attacked by motor neuron disease (MND), and according to the clinical symptoms of her condition, her condition was diagnosed as ALS. The hospital only gave her some medicine supplements for oral use, instead of any specific treatment.

3. When the patient hospitalized in our hospital, she felt weak and strength-less over her whole general body, particularly over her left-side body. There were muscle jumpings over her whole body. She also had shortness of breath, much phlegm and saliva, unclear speech, as well as pains over her shoulders and neck. She was easy to be fatigued. Spirit and sleep were good. She could sleep for around 8 hours every night. Urine was yellowish and stool was dry. Because of a fall 2 months ago, phalanx of her left food was broken; therefore, when walking, she suffered few pains. She could only walk for about 300 meters. Walking balance was not good.

4. T: 36.5C   R: 20 times/minute    P: 80 times/minute   BP: 120/70 mmHg

5. She had a natural facial expression. Her spirit activities were normal. She grew normally. The patient had walking problem. She showed active position. Grasping power: right hand, 9.5kg, left hand 6.1kg. Her tongue was pale with thin and white coating. Her pulse was weak and thready.