Brief Summary: On Sep. 07, 2011, Francisco, from Mexico, who had suffered from wilting pattern in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the concept of western medicine, accompanied with moving difficulty in his four limbs for 2 years and speech difficulty for 3 months, was hospitalized in our hospital. He had achieved significant improvement after 2 months TCM treatment.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Francisco                                 Sex: Male

Age: 50                                               Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Mexican                          Date of Admission: Sep. 7, 2011

Companion: Alone 

First Medical Record

Date: Sep. 7, 2011                                Time: 14:00 pm

Francisco, male, 50-year-old, has suffered from moving difficulty in the four limbs for 2 years and speech difficulty for 3 months. There was muscle atrophy of his whole body, especially of the two upper limbs, accompanying with muscle jumpings and muscle pains. The patient was hospitalized in our hospital for TCM treatment at 10:00 am on September 7, 2011.

Essential for Diagnosis:

1. The patient had suffered from moving difficulty in the four limbs for 2 years and speech difficulty for 3 months.

2. The patient had complained of weakness of his right upper limb, muscle jumpings and muscle pains without any obvious cause in September, 2009, and he did not pay too much attention to that. Till January, 2010, his condition became worse, accompanying with flesh-losing on both of the two upper limbs, and then he went to the local hospital for electromyography check showing no motor nerve damage. Combined with clinical symptoms, the final diagnosis of the local hospital was ALS. He had taken the medicine Rilutec and some other replenishers, but the effects were not so good. In recent years, his condition was becoming worse and worse, and eight months ago, the muscular atrophy was evident, accompanied by the limitation of motion. He could not even walk by himself, except with the help of wheelchair. 3 months ago, the motion of the tongue was not good, accompanied by slow tempo, unclear speech and bad deglutition. There was not too much change in his physical conditions.

3. When the patient hospitalized in our hospital, there were limitation of motion of his four limbs, weakness of the two upper limbs and difficulty in raising his hand, especially the right one. He could not even walk by himself, and even though with help of our hospital staff, he only walked forward for about 1 meter. There were muscle jumpings and muscular atrophy over the whole body, especially on the upper limbs. His lower limbs were trembling, heavy and stiff when he was walking. Easy to be tired. He had short breath and hard breathing. He liked to drink cold water and felt dry in the mouth and over the throat. There were other conditions such as speech difficulty, choking when drinking water, abdominal distension, night sweating, and the purple color of the four limbs ends with edema. His stool was dry. His urination was normal, and he had night urination 2-3 times.

4. T: 36.5C   R: 20 times/minute    P: 80 times/minute   BP: 120/70mmHg