Brief Summary: On May 14, 2010, the patient Nicole from Australia, who suffered from Fibromyalgia Syndrome and chronic urinary tract infections, was hospitalized in our hospital. After about 29 days TCM treatment, she achieved significant improvement.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Nicole                                               Sex: Female

Age: 23                                                        Profession: Land Agent

Nationality: Australia                                   Marital Status: Unmarried

Onset Season: Grain buds                         Date of Admission: May 14, 2010  

Complainer: The patient herself                 Reliability: Reliable

Major Complaint: The patient has suffered from pains of the joints and muscles of the whole body for 5 years, and her condition has been aggravated for the last 1 year.

Present Illness: Five years ago, there happened a car accident on the patient. After that, she felt headache and pains of the joints and muscles of the whole body, especially the shoulders, back and right knee and ankle. She didneurological exam, muscular tests, MRI, etc. in local hospital. The results were normal. The local doctors suspected that she suffered Fibromyalgia Syndrome, so she was treated with western medicine (medicine was unknown). The effect was no good. In April 2010, she took our herbal tea which was mailed by our hospital; the medicine relieved her pains on the muscles and joints. When she came to our hospital, she had the symptoms of muscular spasms, pains of the muscles and joints, especially the shoulders, back and her ankles and knees. When she felt pains, there would be accompanied muscular spasms and the feeling of heat, swelling and constrictive of systemic joints. There was dull heaviness of the bilateral lower limbs. Also, she complained headache, dizziness, and sometimes she had tinnitus, cough, chest stuffiness and palpitations. She had dry mouth, a bitter taste in her mouth and pharyngeal dryness. She had frequent and painful urination and burning sense in the urethra. Her bowel movement was normal. And the other condition was good.

Disease History: Stomachache. No history of tuberculosis, hepatitis or other infectious diseases. No operation history. She had traumatic history. Preventive vaccination provided was unknown.

Marital History: Unmarried.

Menstrual History: Her menstrual onset was at the age of 14. Generally, her menstrual period was 4-7 days every 28 or 30 days. Her last menstruation was on April 23, 2010. She had dysmenorrheal.