You Are My Saver

Hello! Dear friends, my name is Zhang Jie'an, 83 years old, I'm a chronic renal failure patient from Huaihua City, Hunan province.

July 2, 2010, lying in the bed of a provincial hospital, I felt very bad. I had heavy head when I wake up in the morning, caught cold again and again, cough now and then. My wife came in and told me the examination results I did yesterday: urine protein+++; GRF27ml/min; Creatinine420+umol/L.

Because of repeated edema,I kept moving from one hospital to another in the past one year. I have backache, frequent urination, urgent urination, weakness, edema of the double lower limbs; just like "the house leakage meeting the rains in the same night" in Chinese words.

The breakfast has been cold for a long time, but I have no appetite. My tears can't help falling when I see the various tablet bottles on the desk. I have received combined treatment (traditional Chinese and western medicine) for more than half a year, but no improvement. I was confident and even stubborn, but at that moment I wanna go back to the God. I struggled there for a few days, then I went back to my hometown with my family.

A few days after going home, an old friend came to visit me. He talked with my family for long, and he mentioned that there is a TCM team under the leading of Dr.Ming which is very good. A lot of foreign patients are coming for TCM treatment. He encouraged me to try this. So I decided to just have a try. July 13, 2010, my family sent me to the TCM department, Red Cross Hospital.

Professor Yang inquired about my illness and checked my case and medication in details. Then, he fondled me with his gentle hands. After checking my tongue and pulse, he thought deeply for a while, said:" Mr. Zhang, for your current state of illness, I can not promise that I can heal you. But, according to my observation, there is still a little hope, so don’t be sad and nervous, just take it easy. I will give you a herbal prescription with acupuncture and massage; you can just have a try, is it ok?" Looking at professor Yang’s confident eyes, I decided to give myself last one chance to accept his plan after discussion with my family. At that time, due to anasarca, I could not walk. Except for it, I also had the problems of lumbago, frequency of urination, urgent urination, oligurie, difficult breathing, dizziness, palpitations and so on.

That afternoon, professor Yang started to give me the formula. Later on, he checked my condition everyday and modified the herbs every several days. I got herbal tea and acupuncture combined with massage treatment. With the help from all doctors and nurses, I got improving day by day. Fifteen days later, the swelling disappeared. The examination showed that creatinine 216 umol/L, urea nitrogen 13 mmol/L, urine protein ++, blood pressure normal, each indicator obviously got down. I continued treatment for a few months. Fortunately all symptoms were gone and all examination turned normal. I was filled with unspeakable comfort and happiness. That’s your efforts that actually lighted the hope of my life. I could not say more words of appreciation and gratitude. Only thank you, thank you, all medical staff of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital! Thank you all! You are my saver!