Brief Summary: On Sep. 13, 2010, Mohammad, from The United Arab Emirates, who had suffered from stomach pain and lumbar pain accompanied by belching of gas for three year, was hospitalized in our hospital. He had achieved significant improvement after 17 days TCM treatment here.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Mahammad                                          Sex: Male

Age: 55                                                           Marital Status: Married

Nationality: The United Arab Emirates            Date of Admission: Sep. 13, 2010

Companian: The patient himself

First Medical Record

Date: Sep. 13, 2010                                      Time: 14: 00 p. m.

Mohammad, a 55-year-old male, had suffered from stomach pain and lumbar pain accompanied by belching for three year. He was hospitalized in our hospital for treatment at 14: 00 p. m. on Sep. 13, 2010.

Essentials for Diagnosis:

1. The patient had suffered from stomach pains accompanied with burning sense in the stomach and belching for 3 years and lumbar pains for 2 years.

2. 3 years ago, the patient began to feel stomach pains with burning sense in the stomach. At that moment, he often belched. A year later, the lumbar pains began, and it hurt when he pressed the waist. Meanwhile, he also suffered from insomnia, astriction, hot sense in the soles and palms in the night, loss of appetite, bitter taste in the mouth and sometimes sweating at night. He often feels tired and angry. He had the history of cardiovascular expansion two years ago.

3. T 36.3℃,  R 20 times/minute,  P 70 times/minute,  BP 120/80mmHg.

4. He grew normally with common nutrition and had natural expression. His mind was clear. His body was in a positive posture and he was cooperative with clear mind.

5. No thoracic deformity. Eyes' action was flexible. Thyroid was normal. Sound of breath was bilaterally normal on auscultation. No sound of pleural friction. Cardiac rhythm was regular. Heart border was a little irregular. Sound of blood vessel is normal. Heart beat was 70 times/minute.

6. The abdomen was soft. There wasn't sound of pathological gastric motility. No enlargement of liver and spleen. Gall bladder was no swelling. No Mcburney's point tenderness. Tongue was red with thin greasy tongue coating. The pulse was a little floating.

7. The patient had no food allergy or drug allergy.

8. Report of electrocardiogram: sinus rhythm, and the myocardial infarction was not ruled out. No accessory examination.