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Respected leaders, professors, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

It is a season that autumn breezes send coolness to people and fruits are harvested. In this romantic and attractive season, we see the first Zhongfang International TCM Forum being held in our county, which is organized by the People’s government of Zhongfang County, undertook by Zhongfang County TCM Hospital, and supported by the governmental departments of TCM administration, Red Cross Society and Foreign Affairs Office at the municipal and provincial level. This is not only a grand meeting of academy and also that of culture. Please allow me, on behalf of the organizer and undertaker to express my warm welcome and cordial thanks to all the leaders and professors attending this meeting.

TCM is the experience summarization gained by Chinese peoples in the fighting against diseases for thousands of years. It is the essence and treasure of Chinese culture. It is also the intelligence crystallization of our traditional Chinese culture and common fortune of the world people. TCM has contributed a lot for the prosperity and development of world medical science over the years and is gradually accepted by world people.

As the only one hospital adhering to the treatment principle of pure Chinese medicine in Zhongfang County or even in Huaihua City, since its establishment, Zhongfang County TCM Hospital will make TCM culture as its foundation for the development of the hospital. They will clarify TCM from the views of dialectical unity and development, which gain appreciation of colleagues of TCM and praises of patients from home and abroad.