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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!

In this golden season with osmanthus fragrance wafting, please allow meon behalf of the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province, to express my sincere congratulations on the opening of the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum.

It has been two years since the foundation of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital. During this period, under the guidance of the Red Cross Societies of Huaihua city and Zhongfang county, adhering to humanity, love and dedication, the spirit of the Red Cross, Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital has won wide praises and left a good enterprise image in our provincial Red Cross system, relying upon the pure TCM treatment for foreign and domestic patients with chronic diseases.

In the year of 2011, Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital reduced and exempted 420,000RMB for international inpatients, and often went to the communities and rural areas to help and treat the sick people without any charges. Hunan Red Cross Society often receives international calls, emails and other information for consulting the services of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital. Some patients highly praised the good services and satisfactory curative effects in this hospital. All that they have done boost the fame of our Red Cross Society, our province and even our country. Their deeds deserve our appreciation and praise!