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Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

This is my first time to attend an international forum on TCM organized by a county-level hospital. The reason that I am pleased to participate in this forum is that the inviter is my student, Doctor Zhu Ming. Four years ago, he sent me a letter, hoping to translate my book I Am a Loyal TCM Doctor into English. Searching on the internet, I found that on the basis of his solid English foundation and extensive TCM knowledge, he has translated the TCM Classic The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperorinto English in the year of 2000. His English edition, published by Beijing Foreign Languages Press has made special contribution for the spreading of TCM around the whole world. It is a marvelous achievement. A great job that so many famous TCM masters dream to accomplish, while being difficult to finish, in the end was conquered by a younger TCM doctor. Even though he did not fulfill his promise to me, but I know that during the past few years, he put all his efforts into the research and treatment of chronic and difficult diseases and the foundation of Red Cross Hospital concerning internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine. This is a career deserving our life-long sacrifice. No matter to translate the TCM Classic The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor or to establish a hospital serving foreigners for the treatment of chronic and difficult diseases, not only unimaginable difficulties need to be tackled, but great love and persistent pursuit for the TCM career are also needed. We could see that Doctor Zhu Ming is an ambitious and brave young man, who is surpassing himself and fighting against difficulties all the time. He is the chief cornerstone of TCM career.