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Chinese Medicine has always contributed new ideas to its way of working. When we come to think about the way of its effect on our inner body organizationwe understand how much we don’t know, and together with the frustration, whom to ask.

One of the major theory in acupuncture is based on the five elements, saying that the name element is actually wrong and present concept which is contradicted to the real meaning of what it stand for. As element we get the idea of something static, heavy, physical, chemical, material. Speaking about each element as individual we can say that it is right to say that Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water are the real component that our Earth is built from.

From here we must look at the Five Elements as a dynamic, ever flowing, ever changing cycle which give us the basic Sheng and Ke Cycles as from this point onwards the individual elements are no longer static, material and heavy manifestation but a stage of development that the only static concept is the never ending change. Further it will be true to say that in the cycle each stage transformed to different form of existence by its process of development as we can see in nature by the changing of seasons were spring comes out of  winter, summer comes out of spring and so on.

The understanding of Zang – Fu in relation to its action:

As we have understood, the individual function of each organ is vital for the harmonious function of the body, but the organs’ way of action is more related to the endless cycle of change as seen in the four seasons and biological clock that represents more of an energetic cycle than material one. As we go on with this assumption we have to associate the organs to the seasonal cycle and the biological clock, by doing that we will understand the inner force of each organ that actually act to express it.