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Name: Maryam                    Sex: Female

Age:Bahrain                         Date of Admission: Sep. 28, 2013

Companion: Her Son

 First Medical Record

Date:2. The patient suffered the symptoms of much drinking, much urination and repeated headache for 18 years. Six months ago, she suffered edema of her lower limbs. After her last child was born 18 years ago, because of high blood sugar, the upper limb of her left hand was infected and festered; the part down from her elbow was amputated. She also suffered hypertension, and she still took many western medicine to control it. The symptom of edema over her lower limbs appeared six months ago. She went to her local hospital to take examination, and the result showed chronic renal insufficiency.

3. When the patient was hospitalized in our hospital, she suffered headache, swelling pains, without nausea or vomiting. When she moves her body, she felt dizzy. She also suffered blurred vision, with tears always rolling in her left eye. There was no itchy symptom over her eyes, and also no symptoms of tinnitus and deafness. Because using western medicine for her conditions, she now felt dryness in her mouth, but the symptoms of much drinking and much urination were alleviated. She did not feel bitterness or bad breath odor in her mouth. She liked cold drinking. She suffered shortness of breath with no palpitations. There was no pains over her back. When she walked too long, she felt pains over her right lower limb. Her lower limbs were swelling, with numbness over her right toes. She was not afraid of coldness. Her bowel movement was once a day. She had night urination for 3 times. After controlling of her diet, her weight decreased about 3-4 kg. Her blood pressure was controlled at around 160/90 mmHg; blood sugar 16-17 mmol/L.

6. Other tests at her local hospital on August 19, 2013: Blood-FPG 7.9 mmol/L, HBAIC 90mmol/mmol, Cr 416 umol/L, urea 27.1 mmol/L, UA 586umol/L, Cho 6.6 mmol/L, LDL-cho 4.07 mmol/L, TG 2.9 mmol/L, SB 19 mmol/L, P 2.3 mmol/L. September 7, 2013: RBC 3.57*1012/L, Hb 9.6 g/dl, BUN 33.1 mmol/L, Cr 457 umol/L, Na 129 mmol/L, K 5.5 mmol/L, P 2.08 mmol/L.