Brief Summary: A 9-year-old boy, from Singapore, has suffered from lame walking and inability to squat for four years accompanied by an aggravated duck-gait for two years. After our treatment, the weakness of his lower limb is much better, and the lame walking gets a little better.

Records of Hospitalization

Name: Abdul Salim                                             Sex: Male

Nationality: Singaporean                                   Age: 9  

Marital status: Unmarried                                  Date of Admission: Nov. 13th, 2006

Onset Season: Summer                                     Date of Report: Nov. 13th, 2006

Complainer of history: The patients father        

Reliability: Reliable

Chief complaint: The patient has suffered from lame walking and inability to squat for four years accompanied by an aggravated duck-gait for two years.

Present illness:

At the end of 2002, the patient had a changing in walking posture without any evident predisposing cause. He began to slow down his walking speed and standing up after squatting. At that time, his family neither paid much attention to him, nor took him to do any examination treatment. In 2004, the patients condition was aggravated. He had difficulties in walking and with imbalance. He had difficulties in squatting and unable to get up when supine in bed (He needs to turn over and slowly picks himself up) and walking with duck-gait posture. His parents checked at the local hospital, but the chromosome examination showed no abnormality. The diagnosis for the patient was DMD by MRI and blood test, so he orally took drugs named "Prednisolone" until now and without further treatment so far. Two months ago, the patient started to take Chinese medicine posted by our hospital. The patient has good spirit and sleep, enormous appetite, thin and white tongue fur, slightly reddish tongue, fine and deep pulse.

Past history: No history of typhoid, tuberculosis and hepatitis. No history of food or medicine allergy. No history of operation or transfusion. No history of preventive vaccination provided.

Personal history: He was born in Singapore, living in a humid environment. No contact history of schistosomiasis. No addiction to alcohol, smoke or special food. He is calm temperament and cheerful.

Marital history: Unmarried.

Family history: No family history of special disease.

Physical examination

T 36.2棬P 90bpm, R 23bpm, BP: 96/70mmHg, W 36kg.

He is mid-nourished and normally developed. His mind is clear, chronic face mirroring difficult condition, languor expression, in a positive position and cooperative in examination. His skin is moist. No jaundice in the sclera. No superficial lymph-node enlargement. Bilateral pupils are round, equal in size and sensitive to light. No thoracic deformity. Sound of breath was bilaterally normal on auscultation. No respiratory rales or pleural friction rubs. Heart border is not big. Heart beat 90bpm. Cardiac rhythm was regular. No pathological murmurs of heart on auscultation. Abdomen is flat and soft without tenderness or rebound tenderness. Liver and spleen are not palpable. No percussion pain on renal region. Bowel sound is normal. No Spinal and pelvic deformity or tenderness. Both upper limbs without deformity and normal mobility, both lower extremities will see the special examination. The development of the anus or genital was normal. Physiological reflex has pathological features without elicited.