Brief Summary: Audra, from Lithuania, has suffered from MS for 5 years. She came to our Red Cross Hospital on April 28, 2007 for our TCM treatment. After two month comprehensive treatment, the patient has achieved about 30% improvement.

Record of Hospitalization

Name: Audra                                                          Sex: Female

Age: 50                                                                   Profession:  Surgeon

Nationality: Lithuania                                             Marital Status: Married

Onset Season: Spring                                           Date of Admission: April 28, 2007  

Complainer: The patients herself                          Reliability: Reliable

Major Complaint: The patient has suffered from rigidity and weakness of her double limbs muscular and from walking unsteadily for 5 years, and her condition has been aggravated by disability of walking for 2 years.

Present Illness: In 2002, the patient began to feel rigidity and weakness of her double limbs muscular without any obvious causes. At that time, the patient paid no attention to it, and did no treatment about it. Therefore, the disease was developing progressively. After three months, she began to walk unsteadily, and fell down frequently. Then the patient went to the local hospital (unknown) for examination. After the examination of MRI, the patient was diagnosed as MS. The doctor told the patient there was no treatment for this kind of disease, so she took no treatment. In October 2006, the patient began to be unable to walk, and felt anaesthesia of her double lower limbs. She began to use wheelchair. Then she started to take our herbal tea by air shipping until now, and the anaesthesia of her double lower limbs disappeared. She came to our hospital for further treatment on April 28, 2007. Since she got the disease, her spirit, her appetite, and her sleep were all normal. Her bowel movement and urination were normal.

Disease History: She had hepatitis A when she was five yeas old, and had cured. No history of typhoid, tuberculosis, malaria or other infectious diseases. No allergic history of medicine or food. No operation or trauma history. No history of blood transfusion. No history of preventive vaccination provided.

Personal History: She was born in Lithuania. No contact history of schistosomiasis. No addiction to alcohol or special food. She has smoked for 15 years, 20 cigarettes a day. She was even-tempered and open-minded.

Marital History: She got married at the age of 23. She has given birth to a daughter. Her husband and her daughter have been healthy all the time.

Menstrual history: Her menstrual onset was at her age of 14. Generally, her menstrual period was 3 to 5 days every 28 to 30 days. Her menelipsis was on March 27, 2003.

Family History: Her parents are both healthy. No family history of special disease.