Traditional Chinese Medicine is a real synthetic medicine which covers nature, society and human beings. It treats diseases from the root by adjusting mentality, appropriate exercise, nutritional management and correct prescription etc. With 5000 years of civilization, the great China nourished TCM and entailed the development and prosperity of it. As we all know, diseases are from various factors including mentality, nature and daily habit.

Western medicine is advanced and has advocated biopsychosocial medical model many years, but up to now, western medicine mainly relies on biomedical model which can not diagnose patients comprehensively and settle intrinsic problems down, blocking therapy and replacement therapy are characteristic of western medicine, and treated mainly by chemical materials and its side effects are making people in worries; while Traditional Chinese Medicine takes patients as unity of Mentality, Nature and Society, diagnose patients and make treatment plan with comprehensiveness and customization taken into consideration.

TCM is based upon natural plants, and its comprehensive and flexible treatment strategies always bring about fantastic treatment result based upon herbal treatment, acupuncture and massage, etc. so TCM can get more unexpected results than western medicine whatever diseases are, acute diseases such as cold, arrhea, Acute pancreatitisor and so on; chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, heart disease and so on! so more and more people in the world are interested in TCM.

It is our special honor to share this great medicine with you and other friends over the world!