A.  Phone in the room: When you arrive, you will need to deposit RMB700.00 to make it work.

B.  For the routine laboratory checks (like blood routine, urine routine, stool routine, liver and kidney function, electrocardiogram, etc.) and other special examinations like B-ultrasonic, MRI, CT and all following rechecks, you have to pay additionally. The general costs range from USD50.00 to USD500.00 in different cases. Occasionally, if you have to use some western medicines, please pay additionally.

C.  Service for washing clothes: Laundry by machine RMB5.00-20.00/piece; common cleaning by hands RMB20.00 (1-10 pieces).

D.  Most of our patients like to cook by themselves in our public kitchens for free. We take them to supermarkets to buy things they want and they come back to cook here. If the patient likes to order food here from our hospitals cook, please let our translator know one day in advance. Our translator will order meals for you.

E.  If you want an Internet Video meeting with our doctor by Skype before your coming, please let us know. The meeting takes about 30 to 50 minutes, so that we can know your detailed information of health directly. This meeting cost for you is US$50.00.

Note: Payment here is often in US dollars; other currencies are also accepted, like Euros, Canadian dollar, English pounds sterling, Australian dollar, Japanese Yen, Singapore dollar, etc. You could pay us either by bank transfer, or Western Union, or credit card, or cashing through our local ATM machine by your credit card, or cash directly. Payment by traveler's check is not accepted.