International pictures. 2019.


In the middle of  March, we came to the countryside to enjoy the scenery with our overseas friends.



In the second half of February, we came to Huaihua South High Speed Train Station to meet friends from the Middle East.



On 30th January 2019, a seminar and dinner banquet on TCM and introducing Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital as the leading hospital in TCM Treatment was held in  Alwelaya DIWAN Salwa city, Kuwait. The attendance was more than 60 gentlemen.


The students group from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine came to our hospital for one month's TCM Internship.


On 4th October, Kuwaiti friends came to our hospital for rehabilitation. In the first weeks of Oct., some of our international friends went to Zhijiang. 



Graduation Ceremony and farewell dinner for the French student Group.



Some of our international friends went to Phoenix City on the last weekend of July, they are from South Africa, France, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Greece, Austria, Pakistan, Algeria, Nepal and etc.


      In early July, some of our international friends went to Zhijiang to enjoy the night scene.


In early May, some of our international friends went to Wuxi  Reservoir.  


In early April, some of our international friends visited ZiYuan villa.

In the middle of March, Mr. Zhu Min, the president of GUIDING JOURNAL OF TCM, came to our hospital to interview our international friend Mortada and our president Zhu Ming. 


In early March, some of our international friends went outside to feel the breath of spring.


 In early February,  some of our international friends had dinner at the Spring Bay.



In middle December,  some of our international friends enjoyed the winter sunshine in Zhijiang.


In early November, some of our international friends went to Zhongpo Forest Park.



In early October, some of our international friends went to He Mingzhou Square to enjoy the beauty of the autumn.

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