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Lotus Plumule Extract

Lotus Plumule Extract

Red Peony Extract

Product Introduction

The root of Paeonia lactiflora, the root of peony P.suffrsticosa Andr, and the root of purple peony P.delarayi Franch, were higher in Paeonia lactiflora pall.



Item: Red Peony Extract
Latin Name: Paeonia lactiflora Pall.
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder
Active Ingredients: Paeoniflorin
CAS No.: 23180-57-6
Molecular Formula: C23H28O11
Molecular Weight: 480.45
Part of Used: Root



1. Paeonolum can ease pain;
2. Paeonolum is effecting on resist inflammation;
3. Paeonolum is used for antioxidant,antiallergy and antiviral;
4. Paeonolum has the function of antibiosis, inhibiting bacteria growth;
5. Paeonolum also can treat boils and detoxicate and lower blood pressure;
6. Paeonolum can clear away heat and cool blood; paeonol activates blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis.


Packing and shipping

Packing : 1 kg / bag; 10kg/ case; 25 kg / barrel, also packing according to customer's requirement
Preservation method: dry, cool place, avoid light sealed storage
Shelf life: 2 years



1. Cost advantages: batch procurement of raw materials, advanced technology, good production management
2. Quality advantages: strict quality of raw materials, and improve the QC&QA, batch stability control
3. R & D strengths: depth and Hunan Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine R & D cooperation

4. Customer service advantages: there are a group of professional quality and experience of business personnel

5.For all details about the order arrangement, pls. reach us via email at 


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