International pictures. Nov. 2015.



On June 26th, 2015, some international friends went to Yingfeng Park and Spring Bay, enjoyed the sights and the food.



Welcome banquent for Arabic TCM Students at the Spring Bay.



On May 3rd, 2015, the first international Arabic group of TCM students arrived our hospital, they will study here three weeks.


On April 12th, 2015, Indian TCM Students went to Fenghuang City to enjoy the nice weekend.


On April 5th, 2015, Indian TCM Students Group arrived in Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital. They will study TCM for two weeks.


On March 14th, 2015, our international friends from Australia, Argentina and South Africa went to Zhongfang industrial park.

On March 12th , 2015, our international friends from Argentina, South Africa and Saudi Arabia visited the high speed train station of our city, Huaihua.


In February 2015, patients and students from Mongolia, Holland, India, Belgium, Australia, Romania, Switzerland and USA enjoyed the China's New Sheep Year here with us.

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