Norani and Elfian

Dr. Ming: Hello, Good morning Norani and Elfian?  How are you?

Patient: Good morning, Im fine (patient can’t speak properly)

Dr. Ming: Ok, so could you please introduce the treatment of Chinese medicine in Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital for us?

Patient: Ok, Elfian (pointing at son)Elfian

Patient’s son: Yes, I will explain it, so last year my father was diagnosed as an ALS patient, so at Malaysia the doctor couldn’t detect the disease, so when we arrived here, within two days the doctor already know, and can detect the disease, so for two months my dad couldn’t walk easily he needs to use his sticks and right side from top to bottom is very weak and then he has a lot of saliva in his throat, he couldn’t talk properly, and he couldn’t swallow, so after a month of doing TCM treatment, everything started to improve, his right hand the power went from 3.0 improved to at least 10 kilo, and the left side is normal, and then his blood pressure also decreased, the lowest one was 110 mmHg, that never happened before, and when he was here it dropped to 100 mmHg, then as you can see my father does not use a stick anymore to walk he can walk for 1 hour without using a stick, before this he always needed to use the stick because his right side is very weak…

Patient: Right side much better (hard to understand patient’s speech)

Patient’s son: and then he stands a lot longer than before, and he’s started to talk properly which has increased 5-10%, before this he couldn’t talk easily, then the saliva is decreasing, his body weight has also increased, at Malaysia his body weight was 47 kg, and then here the highest one was 50 kg, and right now is 48-49 kg and its been like this daily, so basically within just one month here my father improved in a lot of things, all the areas, body power and all that is improving, at Malaysia it was not improving at all. Patient: I can do everything, for hours! (incomprehensible)

Dr. Ming: Ok, so congratulations, so I hope you continue with the treatment and its better to come back for the general improvement. Patient: yes sure I will come? (incomprehensible)

Patient’s son: Yeah maybe if we have more time we will stay, we will come again.

Patient: We will come again.

 Dr. Ming: Ok, ok, thank you.

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