Herbal Formulas




I. Formulas to Release The Exterior

Mahuang Tang

-Decoction of Ephedra Combination

Guizhi Tang

-Decoction if Cinnamon Twigs Combination

Jiuwei Qianghuo Tang

-Decoction of Nine Ingredients with Notopterygium Root

Xiao Qinglong Tang

-Decoction of Minor Blue Dagon Combination

Jiawei Xiangsu San

-Powder of Two Effective Ingredients with Cyperus Peel and Perilla Leaf

Xiangru San

-Decoction of Elsholtzia Combination

Xinjia Xiangru Yin

-Decoction of Elsholtzia With Some New Herbs Added

Sang Ju Yin

-Decoction of Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Combination 

Yin Qiao San

-Powder of Lonicera Flower and Forshythia Combination

ma Xing Shi Gan Tang

-Decoction of Ephedra, Apricot seed, Gypsum and Licorice Combination

Baidu San

-Powder to Rlease Toxins

Jiajian Weirui Tang

-Decoction of Polygonatum Combination

II. Purgative Formulas

Da Chengqi Tang

-Drastic Purgative Decoction

Dahuang Mudanpi Tang

-Decoction of Rhubarb and Moutan Bark Combination 

Wenpi Tang

-Decoction to Warm the Spleen

Maziren Wan

-Pills of Cannabis Seed Combination

Shizao Tang

-Decoction of Ten Jujube Combination 

III. Mediation Formulas

Xiao Chaihu Tang

-Decoction of Little  Bupleurum Combination

Da Chaihu Tang

-Decoction of Rhubarb and Bupleurum Combination

Hao Qin Qingdan Tang

-Febrifugal Decoction of Sweet Wormwood and Scutellaria Combination

Jienue Qibao Yin

-Decoction of Seven Precious Ingredients to Treat Malaria

Sini San

-Four Herbs Powder to Relieve Cold Limbs

Xiao Yao San

-The Ease Powder

Banxia Xiexin Tang

-Decoction of Pinellia Tuber Combination to clear Heat in the Heart

IV. Formulas for Clearing Heat

Baihu Tang

-Decoction of White Tiger Gypsum Combination

Zhuye Shigao Tang

-Decoction of Bamboo Leaf and Gypsum Combination

Qingying Tang

-Decoction to Dispel Pathogenic Heat From Yin System

Xijiao Dihuang tang

-Decoction of Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia Combination

Huanglian Jiedu Tang

-Decoction of Coptis Combination to Release Toxins

Puji Xiaodu YIn

-Universal Anti-Toxin Decoction

Xianfang Huoming Yin

-Decoction of Fairy Formula for Life

Wuwei Xiaodu Yin

-The Releasing Toxins Decoction of Fie Ingredients

Simao Yongan Tang

-Decoction With Four Excellent Ingredients For Carbuncle 

Xihuang Wan

-Pills of Bos Calculus

Daochi San

-Powder of Fresh Rehmannia And Clematis Stem To Conduct The Fire Downward

Long Dan Xiegan Tang

-Decoction of Chinese Gentiana Combination to Purge Liver Fire 

Zuojin Wan

-Pills of Coptis And Evodia Fruit

Xieqing Wan

-Balls To Purge The Green (Liver)

Qingwei San

-Powder To Clear Heat in The Stomach

Yunu Jian

-The Fair Maiden Decoction of Rehmannia And Gypsum Combination

Weijing Tang

-Decoction of Phragmites Stem Combination

Xiebai San

-Powder to Purge the White (Lungs)

Gegen Huangqin Huanglian Tang

-Decoction of Pueraria, Scutellaria and Coptis Combination 

Shaoyao Tang

-Decoction of Peony Combination

Baitouweng Tang

-Decoction of Chinese Pulsatilla Root Combinaton

Liuyi San

-Powder of Ingredients Six-to-One in Ratio

Qingshu Yiqi Tang

-Decoction to Clear Summer-Heat And Promote Qi

Qinghao Biejia Tang

-Decoction of Sweet Wormwood And Tortoise Shell

Qinggu San

-Powder To Clear Heat in The Bones

Danggui Liuhuang Tang

-Decoction of Chinese Angelica And Six Yellow Ingredients

V. Formulas to Dispel Cold

Lizhong Wang

-Pills to Regulate the Middle Jiao (Spleen and Stomach)

Wuzhuyu Tang

-Decoction of Evodia Fruit Combination

Xiao Jianzhong Tang

-Minor Decoction to Restore the Normal Function of the Middle Jiao 

Sini Tang

-Decoction to Treat Cold Limbs

Shen Fu Tang

-Decoction of Ginseng and Aconite

Zhenwu Tang

-Decoction of Aconite, White Atractytodes and Poria Combination

Danggui Sini Tang

-Decoction of Chinese Angelica Combination to Treat Cold Limbs

Yanghe Tang

-Decoction of Prepared Rehmannia, Cinnamon Bark and Ephedra combination

VI. Tonic Formulas

Sijunzi Tang

-The four Noble Ingredients Decontion

Buzhong Yiqi Tang

-Decoction to Reinforce the Middle Jao and Tonify Qi

Shengmai San

-Powder to Activate Vitality

Siwu Tang

-The four Ingredients Decoction

Danggui Buxue Tang

-Decoction with Chinese Angelica Combination to Tonify Blood 

Guipi Tang

-Decoction to Strengthen the Spleen and Heart

Bazhen Tang

-Decoction of Eight Treasure Ingredients

Zhigancao Tang

-Decoction of Baked licorice Combintion

Liuwei Dihuang Wan

-Pills of Six Ingredients with Rehmannia Combination

Yiguan Jian

-Decoction to Replenish Yin of the lover and Kidneys

VII. Astringent Formulas

Muli San

-Powder of Oyster Shell combination 

Yupingfeng San

-The Jade Screen Powder

Jinsuo Gujing Wan

-Pills to Fix Sperm

Sishen Wan

-Pills of Four Miraculous Ingredients

Guchong Tang

-Decoction to Consolidate the Chong Channel

Wandai Tang

-Decoction to Treat Leukorrhagia

Yihuang Tang

-Decoction to Treat Yellow Leukorrhagia

VIII. Formulas For Tranquilizing The Mind

-Pills to soothe the mind with cinnabar combination

Suanzaoren Tang

-Decoction of Wild Jujube Seed Combination

Tianwang buxin Dan 

-The Heavenly King's Tonic Pills

IX. Formulas to Promote Resuscitation

X. Qi Formulas

Yue Ju Wan

-Pills to Remove Stagnation

Liang Fu Wan

-Pills of Galanga And Cyperus Tuber

Jinlinzi San

-Powder of Sichuan Chinaberry Combination

Banxia Houpo Tang

-Decoction of Pinellia Tuber and Magnolia Bark Combination

Gualou xiebaiBaijiu Tang

-Decoction of Trichosanthes, Macrostem Onion and White Wine Combination

Tiantai Wuyao San

-Powder of Lindera Root From Tiantai

Juhe Wan

-Pills of Tangerine Seed combination 

Suzi Jiangqi Tang

-Decoction of Perilla Seed combination to Descend Qi 

Tingli Dazao xiefei Tang

-Decoction to Pure the Lungs with Lepidium Seed and Jujube 

Dingchuan Tang

-Decoction to Relieve Asthma

Xuanfu Daizhe Tang

-Decoction of Inula Flower and Hematite Combination

Jupi Zhuru Tang

-Decoction of Citrus Peel and Bamboo Shavings Combination

XI. Blood Formulas

TaoRen Chengqi Tang

-Decoction of Peach Seed Combination

Xuefu Zhuyu Tang

-Decoction to Remove Blood Stagnation in the Chest 

Fuyuan Houxue Tang

-Decoction to Invigorate Blood Circulation for Recovery 

Qili San

-Powder to Treat Swelling

Buyang Huanwu Tang

-Decoction to Tonify Yang and Restore Normal Function of the Five Viscera

Wenjing Tang

-Decoction t Warm Collaterals

Shenghua Tang

-Decoction to Promote Production of Blood and Remove Stagnation of Blood

Sisheng Wan

-Pills of Four Fresh Ingredients

Kexue Fang

-Formula to Relieve Spitting Blood

Huaihua San

-Powder of Sophora Flower Combination

Xiaoji Yinzi

-Decoction of Small Thistle Combination

Huangtu Tang

-Decoction of Ignited Yellow Earth Combination

Jiao Ai Tang

-Decoction of Donkey-Hide Gelatin and Chinese Mugwort Leaf Combination

XII. Formulas for Treating wind

Xiaofeng San

-Powder to Dispel Wind

Chuanxiong Cha Tiao San

-Powder of Ligusticum Combination With Tea

Zhengan Xifeng Tang

-Decoction to Subdue Endogenous Wind in The Liver

XIII. Formulas for Treating Dryness

Xing Su San

-Powder of Apricot Seed And Perilla Leaf Combination 198

Qingzao Jiufei Tang

-Decoction to Eliminate Dryness in the Lungs

Yangyin Qingfei Tang

-Decoction to Nourish Yin and Clear Heat in The Lungs

Kang Baihou Heji

-Decoction to Treat Diphtheria

Maimendong Tang

-Decoction of Ophiopogon Root Combination

Zengye Tang

-Decoction to Increase Body Fluids

XIV. Formulas For Dispelling Dampness

Huoxiang Zhengqi San

-Powder of Agastache Combination to Regulate Qi

Pingwei San

-Powder to Neutralize The Stomach

Yinchenhao Tang

-Decoction of Capillaris Combination

Ganlu Xiaodu Dan

-Dew-Like Pills to Release Toxins

Bazheng San

-Powder of Eight Ingredients to Clear Heat and Dampness

Ermiao San

-Powder of Two Effective Ingredients

Wuling San

-Powder of Five Ingredients With Poria

Fangji Huangqi Tang

-Decoction of Tetrandra Root and Astragalus Combination

Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang

-Decoction of Poria, Cinnamon Twigs, White Atractylodes and Licorice

Qianghuo Shengshi Tang

-Decoction of Notopterygium Root Combination to Eliminate Dampness

Duhuo Jisheng Tang

-Decoction of Pubescent Angelica Root And Mulberry Mistletoe Combination

XV. Formulas to Expel Phlegm

Erchen Tang

-Decoction of Two Old Ingredients, Citrus Pell and Pinellia Tuber Combination

Qingqi Huatan Wan

-Pills to Clear Qi and Resolve Phlegm

Xiao Xianxiong Tang

-Minor Decoction Sinking Into the Chest

Beimu Gualou San

-Powder of Fritillary Bulb and Trichosanthes Combination

Ling Gan Wuwei Jiang Xin Tang

-Decoction of Poria, Licorice, Schisandra Fruit, Dried Ginger and Asarum

Zhisou San

-Powder to Stop Cough

Banxia Baizhu Tianma Tang

-Decoction of Pinellia Tuber, White Atractylodes and Gastrodia Tuber

XVI. Digestive Formulas

Baohe Wan

-Pills to Keep The Function of The Stomach in Good Condition

Jianpi Wan

-Pills to Strengthen the Spleen

Zhu Shu Wan

-Pills of Immature Biter Orange and White Atractylodes

Muxiang Binglang Wang

-Pills of Costus Root and Areca Seed Combination

XVII. Formulas For Dispelling Parasitic Worms

Wumei Wan

-Pills of Black Plum Combination

Qutao Tang

-Tapeworm-Expelling Decoction


A List of Applicable Chinese Herbal Medicine

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